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A retro ActionRPG unlike any other – in this endearing story of courage and kick ass gaming skills!

Intergalactic evil alien menace, The Glukh, have taken the kids and have zapped them into scary movies and video games, feeding off their fear. Determined to help, you vow to find the missing kids and take the fight to the evil extraterrestrials! 


A fantastic 80s-modern open world with horror & sci-fi twists. Will you survive and save the town? There is plenty of hardware available to help - flame throwers, rocket launchers, fire extinguishers, flare guns, chainsaws, salt shell shotguns, baseball bats, TNT, bombs, laser blasters, plasma rifles, crowbars, axes and water pistols (!)


Find and rescue new friends and take the fight to the alien invaders and their creatures from hell. And if you get tired of walking, you can burn around with a jetpack, or a top of the range BMX, go-faster trike, robot legs, cool skateboard, or try a little car surfing! 


Fight armies of twisted monsters in this slice of 80s suburbia! Zombies, Giant Ants, Hockey Masked Maniacs, Ghost Pirates, Mummies, Blobs, Werewolves, Aliens, Evil Robots, Vampires, Axe Wielding Caretakers, Festering Bathroom Corpses, Giant Spiders, Demons, Robo-Nazis, Krazy Klowns, Parasitic Extraterrestrials and so many more!


Appear in classic horror movies and games that will chill the blood! Visit shopping malls of the dead, frozen research bases, hidden tombs, horrific castles of terror, underground citadels, neon cities, space colonies, dungeons (yes, there are dungeons!), houses of pain, fog shrouded towns, fantasy worlds, foggy coastal towns, haunted hotels

Small Town Terror in Newton

This is where the real adventure begins – an all action RPG, presented in glorious top-down pixel art, with nods to classics such as Earthbound and Zombies Ate My Neighbours.

Explore the town to find the hidden videos & games and meet an eclectic cast of friendly characters and villains.


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About Super Icon

Continuing our love of developing original retro games, They Came from Beyond is the next chapter in Super Icon’s retro journey. First we brought you Super Life of Pixel, spanning the most iconic video game systems of generations past in one addictive game, now we bring together the classic game genres in one exciting experience.

What this version contains

This is a development version of the game. The main town 'hub' area is implemented with the initial narrative; the story beginnings. There are several sub-games implemented - think of these as a replacement for the dungeon level sort of approach in a typical 2D RPG.

Of the planned 20 plus sub-game areas, 11 are included here, 8 of those are fully playable and considered Alpha.

If you like the game, help support its development

Feedback is fantastic - bug reports, ideas and suggestions. Consider following us and helping us to build a community for They Came from Beyond - that would be rather awesome!

Development log


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Very nice game, but some things are not quite well. I didn't know how to save(F1 F2), learn about it later, exit the game and lost all progress. Why don't gave this options in menu on Esc(why it's not on escape? again)? And keyboard control is bad. I walk on keyboard, shoot on keyboard(in 2D), but for inventory better use the mouse. Why action button on Enter? Why not E? Why shoot on alt, why not mouse button? Why not split inventory and other menus in one, opened by Tab, like in other games, instead of looking for buttons all over the keyboard? Why not reading logs immediately, instead of open journal? Switch between mouse and keyboard all the time this is bad, bad. Very uncomfortable. This all spoils the impression of, in fact, a wonderful game.

A couple of videos of the game start and completing the first couple of quests, and unlocking the town...


Hey all - I just put together a blog post on the Super Icon tumblr with a bit more background on They Came from Beyond, and the concept - if you fancy a read, here it is:



Had fun playing this one, even though I am absolutely miserable at it and didn't get very far.


Thanks Captical Toast - cool username BTW :)

Thanks! It's a portmanteau of Captain and Practical... Then the word toast, lol


Hey, this is looking pretty solid so far, and I definitely want to keep up with it.  I noticed a few things from the start, both good and bad (nothing more than graphical bugs minus the fact I couldn't figure out how to save if it's implemented).  It somewhat has an Earthbound feel to it, at least to me.  I did a few videos of it, and will do some more later (The thumbnail is temporary right no).

Bugs I noticed:  

First, I noticed that the collision between objects vs the player is a bit off, where there shouldn't be an overlapping collision like you have (from the looks of it) and instead a collision detection that doesn't actually collide but still shows it as if the player is colliding, resulting in a smoother collision graphic.

The second, I saw that you forgot or mislayered some of the flowers and grass as they would be on top of NPCs.

Overall, the music and graphics were nice, and I kinda got inspiration to work on an RPG myslf lol.

Hi Chachii - huge thanks for the feedback.

About a week ago I redid all the 2D collision system, so all the 2D levels got changed - one of the main changes was the collision sorting for the player to the NPCs - so if you are in front of them, their sort layer gets bumped down, and when you are behind them, their sort layer gets bumped up so they are drawn in front of the player. Some of the flowers were still on a layer just one below the player, so when the NPCs get bumped down the sorting list, they get drawn below the flowers - I thought I'd got them all but must have missed a few.

I also redid the collisions to scenery - any specific objects where the sorting was bad? I'll go through the videos shortly - I'm currently re-writing the AI for the 3D FPS bits, so as soon as I've finished that I'll be going back to fix any issues with the main world/collisions.

Currently F2 saves - and it auto saves every time you play a video/game/arcade machine.

Thanks again for taking the time to play and comment and to do some videos - that is seriously awesome :)


I actually just noticed that F2 saves when I reread the controls html file. xD  

That's understandable, especially since it's currently in development anyway.  I figured I could suggest things and sort out bugs since I'm a game dev myself and I know how a lot of things can go unnoticed by our own debugging.  I can't remember exactly which flowers, though, I just remember some of the ones in the first part of town where your home is has some, and the animated grass seems to be in front of the NPCs as well.

I'll keep up with this for sure, but sometimes I venture away from itch.io so PM me if you release any big updates, I'll be glad to play through it.


It is very much appreciated :)

I've nearly done on the FPS AI re-write, works much better now, so that is cool. Soon as that is done and tested, I'll iron out the sorting and collision issues.

Thanks again for the feedback, it really helps. 

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